Greenbird Summer Contest 2018
Supported by Swarovski Create Your Style

Hooray! The Beading Contest, equally loved by both the participants and the spectators, starts now! #летнийконкурсптички2018 / #greenbirdsummercontest2018

This contest is different from the rest of the contests because all the participants will begin their works with the same starting kit. They have to create something only using Swarovski crystals from this kit and it is not allowed to add any other Swarovski crystals. From Swarovski products it is allowed to use only the crystal settings. Would you like to check what you can do with the limited crystal resources?

Winners' entries

Category « Choice»


1st place: Кравцова Валерия
Разводные мосты


2nd place: Дина Комарова
Триумфальная арка


3rd place: Юлия Горина
В поисках впечатлений

Category «Swarovski Choice»
3 equal winners


Елена Кострикина
Summer book


Кравцова Валерия
Разводные мосты


Дина Комарова
Триумфальная арка

Category «People’s Choice»


1st place: Дина Комарова
Триумфальная арка


2nd place: Кравцова Валерия
Разводные мосты


3rd place: Александра Морозова
«Импрессионизм» сибирского лета

Category «Museum’s Choice»


Алина Лимонова

All finalists of Greenbird Summer Contest 2018

Разводные мосты
Summer book
Триумфальная арка
В поисках впечатлений / Searching for impressions
Жидкий рассвет / Liquid sunrise
Летний день в Живерни
Чайные розы
Кувшинки / Waterlilies
Домик на побережье
Сады Моне в перламутровом тумане / Monet’s Gardens in Pearl Mist
Fragments of impressions
«Импрессионизм» сибирского лета
Музыка импрессионистов
Фламинго. Закат
Золотое впечатление / Golden Impressionism
Как появляется вдохновение
Возьми с собой альпийскую фиалку / Take an cyclamen
Blur / Пятно
Интерьерная кукла Лили
Танцовщицы Эдгара Дега
Случайная встреча / Random meeting
Море в Сент-Марье
Прогулка по старому саду. Мальвы / Walk in the old garden. Mallows
Дитя заката
Стеклянный пляж

Contest Regulations

  1. A contestant may submit any type of jewelry, accessories and interior objects: necklaces, brooches, earrings, bags, interior compositions, fowers, pictures and anything your imagination creates.
  2. It is obligatory that the contest entry should contain Swarovski crystals only from the contest starting kit. The more crystals from the kit are used in your work
    the better it is – in all the other equal conditions the works that include the most crystals from the contest kit are more likely to be a winning candidate.
  3. One contest entry should contain only one contest starting kit. Two or more starting kits cannot be used for one contest entry.
  4. The topic of the contest is “Impressionism”. Elaborate this style in your work!
  5. The crystal settings are not included in the contest starting kit as we accept all kinds of works in different techniques and the crystal settings might not be needed for all of them. If needed you can purchase the crystal settings, you can find the article numbers and the sises for all the crystals from the contest kit in its description.
  6. In the contests entry you can use only Swarovski crystals from the contest starting kit. Any other Swarovski crystals cannot be used.
  7. Please think carefully before adding the crystals from other producers into your work. This contest is supported by Swarovski Company and they would like to see their products in the contest entries. Also our Summer Contest is famous for its frames – you create your works by using the limited starting kits. As for one contest entry you can use only one contest starting kit with Swarovski crystals it is a drawback for your work to use the crystals, beads and crystal chains of other producers. In all the other equal conditions if your work contains other producers it is going to bring minus points to your work.
  8. Swarovski Ceralun ceramic epoxy composite can be used in your works without any limits.
  9. To the contest starting kit you can add beads and seed beads, spangles, metal threads, chenille thread and lace — you can use this materials in unlimited amounts. These supplemental materials can be of different origins, purchased anywhere and by anyone.
  10. When creating your works and using the materials other than Swarovski crystals please remember that the aim is to show the beauty of the crystals as this contest is done in collaboration with Swarovski Company. Please do not hide the crystals among other materials.
  11. The contest entry should be made especially for this contest and should not have been entered in any earlier contests or published anywhere before.
  12. The contest entry can be made in any technique.
  13. One person can buy any amount of the contest starting kits and can submit any amounts of contest entries (and can win several rewards).
  14. We will make preliminary judgements by photos but for the final judgement we need to see the actual works. If your work is chosen for the final you are obliged to send it to us so we could make the final judgement. Your work will be exhibited in our showroom during September 2018
  1. Application is sent to with subject «Greenbird Summer Contest 2018».
  2. Applicant provides personal information in the body of e-mail:
    • First and last name
    • The title of the work
    • Instagram page (or website where one can see your other works). If you do not have any creative accounts in social networks please leave this field empty.
  3. Applicant provides information about each entry:
    • What is your work symbolising?
    • By what was the work inspired?
    • The story behind your work creation.

    You can write anything you would like to share about your work.

  4. Upload the photos of your contest entry to any file sharing platform (Yandex Disk, Dropbox, Google Disc and so on) and insert the link into your mail. We will not accept the applications with the photos in the attachment. You may submit up to 3 images of one contest entry.
  1. Please treat the process of photo creation responsibly. It is a very important stage as the preliminary judgement will be done by photos. The quality image will help the judges to see the beauty of your creation and the bad image on the contrary can deprive your work of the chance to win. Please do not leave the photo shoot to the last moment and may be consider inviting a professional photographer.
  2. It is better to use a neutral solid background and to make a close-up photo. We don’t recommend to submit the photos with people demonstrating your work – the model can unintentionally attract the attention and the viewers might not concentrate on your work properly. The same concerns the loud and distracting backgrounds. Please remember that your work should be the center of the viewers’ attention.
  3. We do not accept the photo collages! Please choose only one best view of your work for each photo.
  1. Entries for the contest will be accepted until/including August 12, 2018
  2. We will publish the gallery with the works until August 21, 2018
  3. We will announce the works that are chosen for the final judgement until August 29, 2018
  4. The works that are chosen for the final judgement should be sent to us so we could exhibit them in our showroom in Moscow during 2 weeks in September 2018.
  5. The winners will be announced in our Instagram account and right after the announcement we are going to ship the works back to their owners.
  1. By submitting the application you accept all above rules and conditions.
  2. By submitting the photos of your work you agree that they can be used in our website and social networks, printed publications and catalogs, and other advertising products, and also in the website and social networks of our partners.
  3. It is allowed to publish the works in full view only after they are published in the official website of the contest.
  4. When publishing your work in your Instagram account please use the official hashtag of the contest #летнийконкурсптички2018 / #greenbirdsummercontest2018.

Contest Timing


Applications can be submitted till/including

August 12, 2018


Publishing of the contest gallery and the announcement of the work that were for the final judgement

Until August 29, 2018


The works that were chosen for the final judgement will be exhibited in our showroom during 2 weeks

September 10-23, 2018

Winners Announcement

The winners in all the nominations will be announced

September 24-28, 2018


Category «Swarovski Choice»

  • 3 winning places will be chosen by Swarovski company representatives.
  • The winners will get the diplomas and Swarovski crystals sets.

Category « Choice»

  • 3 winning places will be chosen by representatives.
  • The winners will get the diplomas and the sets of craft supplies composed specially for them (#вызовотптички / #greenbirdchallenge).

Category «Museum’s Choice»

Category «People’s Choice»

  • In September 2018 the works will be exhibited in Greenbird’s showroom in Moscow and the visitors will be voting for their favorite works.
  • The winners will get the diplomas and gift certificates for RUB 5000, RUB 3000 and RUB 2000.

Organizers and partners of the contest