Попокатепетль / Popokatepetl

Жизнь древних народов была неотделима от природы: Величественные вулканы Южной Америки издревле притягивали местные племена. Археологические раскопки показывают, что ацтеки взбирались на вулканы – возможно, они проводили там религиозные церемонии и использовали вулканы для поклонения богам и связи с энергией Земли.
С Попокатепетлем связана древняя легенда о любви. Воин Попо был влюблен в дочь вождя соседнего племени Исту. Однако сам вождь был против такого союза и всеми способами им препятствовал. Иста умерла, не выдержав разлуки с любимым, а Попо забрал ее тело и унес высоко в горы. Он положил её на землю, лёг рядом с ней и умер от горя и печали. И тогда Боги накрыли их снежным одеялом и превратили в вулканы – Попокатепетль и Истаксиуатль, которые до сих пор смотрят друг на друга. Согласно легенде, когда великий воин Попокатепетль думает о возлюбленной, его сердце начинает биться быстрее, и из-за страсти вулкан извергается. Истаксиуатль мирно спит, а Попокатепетль до сих пор мстит за смерть своей возлюбленной, низвергая пепел и лаву на жителей долины.

In ancient times people had a strong spiritual connection with nature. Graceful volcanos of South America attracted native tribes since the beginning of times. Aztecs and Mayans worshiped volcanoes and viewed them as gods — powerful an unforgiving. Annual rituals were performed in celebratory manner, where offerings were made to please the volcano gods and connect with the energy of the Earth.
Popokatepetl is one of the iconic volcanos that shaped native history. An old legend of tragic love is associated with the volcano located near Mexican City. It is believed that two volcanoes, Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, were ones a man and a woman. A brave warrior Popo was in love with a daughter of a mighty ruler of the tribe. In order to marry the princess, Popo had to engage in battle with the strongest enemy of the tribe. Izta was anxiously waiting for the return of her beloved; her heart was aching from pain. One day a cruel lie about Popo’s death reached the princess and broke her heart into million pieces…
When Popo returned he discovered the body of his love and carried her deep into the forest. He gently placed her body on the ground, laid down next to Izta and later died from sorrow. Then gods covered their bodies with snow and turned them into volcanoes — Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuat, which are still looking at each other. According to the legend, when the warrior thinks about his beloved princess, his heart starts to pound and the volcano comes to life. While Iztaccihuat is soundly sleeping, Popocatepetl still erupts with vengeance and covers the valley with lava and ash.

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